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Welcome to the official Tunnel Shark Productions website! Tunnel Shark is an experienced video production company based in Essex. Offering quality videography using Ultra HD technology, the Tunnel Shark team are dedicated to producing outstanding videos and delivering high quality customer service.

Tunnel Shark is made up of a growing and hardworking team based in Essex. The Video Production team shoot in locations across the UK and Europe and produce tailor made final edits to suit each individual customer’s needs. Creating promotional videos, interview video production, advert video production, mma video production, music video production, live music video production, documentaries and more! Tunnel Shark lend their expertise to all areas of promotional and corporate video production both in Essex and beyond!

Video marketing is becoming a huge advertising tool for many businesses around the world. In an increasingly visual culture, it is extremely important for your business to stand out from the crowd. Tunnel Shark offer a tailor made service, working as closely as possible with the client to produce the highest quality video in the most suitable time frame. Client input is an extremely important component in the Tunnel Shark production process; meeting client needs is a number one priority and by working with the client every step of the way, Tunnel Shark ensures high satisfaction with our quality videography. By using a combination of cinematic colour grading, soundtrack editing, logo animation and much more, the Tunnel Shark team are leading the way for personalized video production in Essex.

Welcome to the official Tunnel Shark Productions website. To contact us for work or any other inquiries drop us an email; info@tunnelshark.com

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