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We Specialise in Post Production

Here at Tunnel Shark, we not only offer full video production services, but we can also serve as freelance video editors. If you already have a project that has been through the pre-production and production process, we can be your post-production team.

If you have existing images or footage that you need edited together to promote your company, this is not a problem. We use sleek and modern designs that will make the dullest footage look memorable.

In our editing suite, we use the latest Adobe Software. We have experience in using Adobe Premiere, After Effects and Photoshop. If you need a corporate/promo/case study video, we usually begin by editing together a rough cut of your project and add any titles, logo animations, graphics and a suitable song. We will then send this to you for review. After any amendments, we fully colour grade your project.

If you are looking for a post-production team for a larger project (e.g. a television series) we begin the process by meeting with you (the director) and finding out exactly what you want from us. After taking these notes, we like to keep a close relationship with you. Communication is key for these sort of projects, so we are happy to be your on hands team.

Once the finished edit is completed and signed off from you, we deliver your project in the format of your choice. For corporate/promotional/case study videos we also offer YouTube channel management. This will include uploading the video to your channel as well as supplying a high quality custom thumbnail, description and relevant tags to get you that all important top ranking on YouTube. This will overall improve your company’s SEO and it’s all included in our price!

Still not convinced? Hear it from our past clients:

Using Tunnel Shark fully exceeded our expectations. The team delivered a professional promo video which fulfilled our ideas perfectly. The service was extremely fast and I would highly recommend them.

– Mark Hooper, Managing Director, Go Sporting

Tunnel Shark have produced a number of case study videos for Tube Tech International to assist in our website optimisation and to send to our clients from companies such as Shell, BP and ExxonMobil. The team at Tunnel Shark are extremely professional, able to work to tight deadlines and most importantly are highly creative. They are able to quickly understand the needs of their clients and work diligently to ensure that the videos they produce are as requested – if not better! I look forward to working with Tunnel Shark again soon and would highly recommend their services to companies or individuals requiring creative, high quality and cost effective video production.

– Simone Robinson, Marketing Manager, Tube Tech International

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