The Importance of Custom Thumbnails!

In our last blog we discussed how to verify your YouTube account and here’s why… Custom Thumbnails on YouTube are extremely important in enticing people to watch your video and your account needs to be verified to do so.

Once we complete your video, chances are you’re going to want to promote it. Whether it’s a corporate, music, promo or event video a custom thumbnail is that last step in getting views to the video, but more importantly; making your audience aware that you exist!

We usually take a still from the video (and if you want to read all about that, click here.) and then we will use photoshop to design a suitable and ‘clickable’ thumbnail for YouTube. We consider the colours, fonts and branding as well as using correct dimensions that will enhance the appeal of the thumbnail.

To find out a bit more, here’s an article we saw that sums up the importance of custom thumbnails:

“YouTube’s standard is to automatically select a thumbnail for you from your video, while providing a choice of three automatically generated images for your thumbnail, including the selected one. These come from your video, and sometimes they may be exactly what you need. However they can also be blurry because they’re taken from a video, or not just what you want.

YoutubethumbnailcustomThat’s why it’s exciting that if your YouTube channel is verified you can upload a custom thumbnail and gain the benefits of this extra level of control over your branding and video marketing. If you’ve gone through this verification process, go into video manager, and select “Add custom thumbnail,” and you’ll be able to browse to select an image.

YouTube thumbnails are basically analogous to the cover of a book; it may be better not to judge a video by its thumbnail, but it’s inevitably going to affect traffic. You want your thumbnails to be clickable, and YouTube just made that possible for anyone who takes advantage.” (Read the full article here:

Have a look at some of these lovely thumbnails we designed:

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We’re always trying to think of new ways to provide you (the client) with extra features that will drive more traffic to your video. If you like the sound of this, then get in touch!

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