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So we’ve ventured into the world of property videos and we’re pleased to release our first one!

Property tour videos are extremely important in the current market. Not only do they provide an in depth walk-around of the property you are selling or buying, but they also help with that all important SEO too.

Equipment and set-up is vital when planning for a property tour video. We invested in a brand new stabiliser (Beholder MS-1) and a fish eye lens (Samyang T3.8 Cine Lens) to enhance the size of the property as well as keeping the shots smooth and stable whilst walking through.

After doing our research it became apparent that although property videos were common in the US market, they were also becoming increasingly popular for estate agents in the UK. That said, however, we struggled to find property tour videos that were engaging. A common theme was the lack of post production; we saw plenty of grand properties, plenty of nice camerawork but not much in the way of editing.

Post production in this instance is a crucial step in creating an engaging property tour video. Colour grading is such a simple but effective way to give a property that extra touch, you can enhance certain features of the property by just giving some time to get the colours right (e.g in the video below, look how green that grass is!) Another feature to consider is adding line callouts. These are animated sections of text that are tracked to the video so they move with the camera movement. These are really important for property tour videos especially, as they can explain and advertise the main features of the property. As well as these simple touches, the easiest part in creating an engaging property tour video is simply by having an appealing song and cutting to the beat (almost like a music video!) You might not be consciously aware whilst watching it, but it’s that subtle difference that makes it a cut above the rest.

Turnover is critical in the property industry especially if you’re selling more high-end properties, we understand the importance of getting the videos out there as soon as possible. We filmed and edited this property video within 2 days, so check it out 🙂

If you’re interested in having a property video, or just want to find out more, don’t hesitate to contact us:

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