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Cinematography Is Key

We believe that all music videos should have that cinematic flare. Whether signed or unsigned, we want to be your video production team for your music video.

At Tunnel Shark, we already have experience in shooting and editing music videos. Whether live or mimed, we can deliver a high quality, affordable video within a speedy time frame.

We can offer a range of shooting styles and our objective is to produce a tailor-made video to suit you or your bands identity. Whether a single camera live performance, or a multi-shot narrative style, we adhere to your preferences and can work around your budget.

We will provide an end-to-end service that begins with planning and drafting your video. We start by taking notes on any ideas you may have for the video and if you don’t have any, not a problem! We will discuss ideas until you’re happy with our proposal. We strongly believe communication is key and we like to develop good relationships with all of our clients. After planning is completed, we supply 2 cameramen as well as a full range of equipment for the shoot. All of our videos are shot in either full HD or 4K (Ultra-HD) to create that supreme look.

Post-production is generally when the magic happens. This is the stage we bring your project to life. We begin by editing together a rough cut which we will send to you for review. This is your chance to tell us to take out any shots you don’t want, or to add any you think are appropriate. After amending, we’ll begin the final cut and fully colour grade the video. Once completed, we will send it to you in the format of your choosing.

Still not convinced? Hear it from some previous clients:

Tunnel Shark were very professional on set and made it really easy to work with them. We’re so pleased with the finished result

– The Scarletts

This is our 2nd music video with Tunnel Shark and was the release of our first ever original single. We’re more than happy with the final cut and feel it promotes the single really well. They’ve really captured who we are as a band and we can’t praise them highly enough!

– The Beatniks

The Tunnel Shark team did a brilliant job with our video. We only had a few hours to shoot with them, but they really worked hard and they delivered us a video that looked absolutely fantastic. Extremely happy with the 4K export too!

– The Ends

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