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Recently we have been working on a couple of promo videos for our sister company Digital Pie.

For their first video, they required a short, sleek design that demonstrates what the company does. The video also had to feature examples of their website design work as well as text that briefly explains their services. We edited together this promo using Digital Pie’s existing website designs and added the typography, suitable song and Digital Pie branding and colours. Here’s the finished product:


For their second video, they asked for another short promo that advertises their video production services. As we work alongside Digital Pie, we used existing Tunnel Shark footage along with modern typography and Digital Pie colours and branding. They were very pleased with the result! See below:

Here’s a testimonial from the Lead Designer at Digital Pie:

“I asked Tunnel Shark to produce a ‘presentation/portfolio’ style video to showcase some of our previous web development work for a new marketing campaign. Tunnel Shark were extremely helpful in giving suggestions and ideas. Within a day, they had already produced a professional, modern sleek video that I was very happy with. Would highly recommend just based on their professionalism and quality.”

– Adam Clarke, Lead Designer, Digital Pie Ltd

Getting your message out there is important, and what better way to do it than to have a video that voices and demonstrates that message. At Tunnel Shark, we believe promo videos should be short and to the point, but this doesn’t mean it has to lose quality or value. They are perfect for your company’s social media sites, marketing campaigns and website.

If you feel you need to add to your site or social media presence, a promo video would be ideal for this. Contact for more info.



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