Bear Swagger ‘Focused’ – Promo Video

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A complete breakdown of our most recent promo video for Bear Swagger. Not only is this one of our best videos to date, it was also the most fun to shoot and edit!


We were asked to produce a short advert to promote Bear Swagger’s SS16 clothing range and to also be used for their social campaigns. After bouncing around a few ideas in our initial meeting, we came to the conclusion that this particular promo would be the 1st episode of a series of videos. Each video needed to focus on a specific profession or passion, so we needed to feature young, hard-working individuals who are passionate about their craft (their brand tagline is ‘Apparel For The Unstoppable’ after all!). We decided the first episode would follow a personal trainer who was also training to be a professional bodybuilder, we aptly named this episode ‘Apparel For The Focused’.


The episode follows Jon Lofthouse (PT at UpnPump) and his daily routines. We wanted to show his day-to-day life from sunrise to sunset, so our first location for shooting was a beautiful early morning on Southend Seafront.

On location shoot

Bright and Early down Southend Seafront!

We then headed to Ripped Gym in Basildon and filmed the training sessions. We wanted this scene to show the pinnacle of Jon’s hard-work and struggle, so we used a variety of techniques and equipment. Here’s a list of what we used:

  • 2x Panasonic GH4s (25fps, 50fps and 96fps)
  • Go-Pro Hero 3+
  • Vintage 50mm Pentacon f1.8 lens accompanied with Vid-Atlantic’s Cinemorph Filter for the vertically stretched bokeh and horizontal lens flares
  • Beholder MS-1
  • Panasonic 14-140mm lens accompanied with a wide-angle adapter
  • Samyang 7.5mm fisheye lens

A technique we really wanted to try for the more intense training shots was ‘Lens Whacking’. We took our wide angle adapter and placed it in front of the 50mm without actually screwing it on and moved it around in a circular motion. This is what creates the distorted edges organically:

50mm-Wide Angle Lens Whacking!

Although this episode concentrates on determination, focus and passion, we still wanted to adhere to the brand and include a nod to Bear Swagger’s light-hearted ‘cheeky’ side (a tone which features throughout previous videos). This is why we suggested having a ‘down-time’ scene that featured a dog! (Everyone loves dogs…). We filmed this on a gorgeous evening at Hadleigh Castle and got some great scenic/landscape shots (N.B the dog’s name was Max)


On location – last scene for Bear Swagger @ Hadleigh Castle



As mentioned in previous blogs, editing is a massive part of our videos. We spent a long time on the colour grade and effects for the video. Although a lot of the lens flares were organic, we also used these great 4K flares from mAnamorphic.


Editing Timeline for Bear Swagger

All footage was shot in Cinelike D Picture Profile which is a good starting point for the colour grade. Below is the visual step by step breakdown:

Bear Swagger Grading breakdown


So without further ado, here’s the full length finished product! (Since finishing the promo we’ve also made 2 shorter versions for Bear Swagger’s Facebook Campaign, so keep your eyes peeled for them too!)


If you like what you see here, get in touch!

Or if you want to see a few more examples of our promo videos, head over to the promo page.

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Excellent video, sick one.

Loved the breakdown, excellent execution.

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