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Bear Swagger ‘Focused’ – Promo Video

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A complete breakdown of our most recent promo video for Bear Swagger. Not only is this one of our best videos to date, it was also the most fun to shoot and edit!


We were asked to produce a short advert to promote Bear Swagger’s SS16 clothing range and to also be used for their social campaigns. After bouncing around a few ideas in our initial meeting, we came to the conclusion that this particular promo would be the 1st episode of a series of videos. Each video needed to focus on a specific profession or passion, so we needed to feature young, hard-working individuals who are passionate about their craft (their brand tagline is ‘Apparel For The Unstoppable’ after all!). We decided the first episode would follow a personal trainer who was also training to be a professional bodybuilder, we aptly named this episode ‘Apparel For The Focused’.


The episode follows Jon Lofthouse (PT at UpnPump) and his daily routines. We wanted to show his day-to-day life from sunrise to sunset, so our first location for shooting was a beautiful early morning on Southend Seafront.

On location shoot

Bright and Early down Southend Seafront!

We then headed to Ripped Gym in Basildon and filmed the training sessions. We wanted this scene to show the pinnacle of Jon’s hard-work and struggle, so we used a variety of techniques and equipment. Here’s a list of what we used:

  • 2x Panasonic GH4s (25fps, 50fps and 96fps)
  • Go-Pro Hero 3+
  • Vintage 50mm Pentacon f1.8 lens accompanied with Vid-Atlantic’s Cinemorph Filter for the vertically stretched bokeh and horizontal lens flares
  • Beholder MS-1
  • Panasonic 14-140mm lens accompanied with a wide-angle adapter
  • Samyang 7.5mm fisheye lens

A technique we really wanted to try for the more intense training shots was ‘Lens Whacking’. We took our wide angle adapter and placed it in front of the 50mm without actually screwing it on and moved it around in a circular motion. This is what creates the distorted edges organically:

50mm-Wide Angle Lens Whacking!

Although this episode concentrates on determination, focus and passion, we still wanted to adhere to the brand and include a nod to Bear Swagger’s light-hearted ‘cheeky’ side (a tone which features throughout previous videos). This is why we suggested having a ‘down-time’ scene that featured a dog! (Everyone loves dogs…). We filmed this on a gorgeous evening at Hadleigh Castle and got some great scenic/landscape shots (N.B the dog’s name was Max)


On location – last scene for Bear Swagger @ Hadleigh Castle



As mentioned in previous blogs, editing is a massive part of our videos. We spent a long time on the colour grade and effects for the video. Although a lot of the lens flares were organic, we also used these great 4K flares from mAnamorphic.


Editing Timeline for Bear Swagger

All footage was shot in Cinelike D Picture Profile which is a good starting point for the colour grade. Below is the visual step by step breakdown:

Bear Swagger Grading breakdown


So without further ado, here’s the full length finished product! (Since finishing the promo we’ve also made 2 shorter versions for Bear Swagger’s Facebook Campaign, so keep your eyes peeled for them too!)


If you like what you see here, get in touch!


Or if you want to see a few more examples of our promo videos, head over to the promo page.

Before and After Post Production!

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When we’re producing a video, about 70% of that time spent will be in post-production.

Video editing is one of the most important components of the entire video and film production industry and it can drastically alter and improve the quality of the entire project. Professional video editing will add a serious sense of professionalism to any project and turn your video production into a valuable product.

We always shoot in flat picture profiles in order to get the best results in the post-production stage.

By shooting ‘flat’, we mean we shoot with a profile type that tries to avoid ‘baking in’ too much information into the compressed video file. Aspects like sharpness, contrast and color saturation are typically elements we don’t want to define too strongly ‘in camera’.

Color is so important because, like lighting, it affects a mood and feel of a piece, and therefore how we interpret the final image. This is just as true for a still image as for a moving one. Often, a ‘flat’ image that comes out of the camera looks lifeless – but this is the intent… We want to spend time really being able to affect a particular look in post production, where we have dedicated tools (hardware and software) that allows us to do so much more (an analogy might be playing with a Raw file, compared to just accepting what your JPEG looks like, straight out of camera). (Info taken from: fstoppers.com)

Use the sliders below to see what a difference colour-grading and editing makes!

Original Image

Modified Image

Original Image

Modified Image

Original Image

Modified Image

Original Image

Modified Image

Original Image

Modified Image

Original Image

Modified Image


Southend BJJ Video Highlights – March 2016

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We’ve been busy editing our 7th Southend BJJ video which we published 3 days ago and it’s already at almost 3000 views! Here’s a quote from the organiser: “Highlight videos just keep getting better each time!”

Editing event highlight videos are always going to be tricky especially if you’ve done more than 1 of the same event. We’re always trying to improve and update our videos so each one remains as engaging as the last and we always try to incorporate new techniques; whether that’s in filming or editing.

In the highlight featured below we’ve tried to make it look and feel a bit different from the last highlight video. We’ve used more animated titles, glitch transitions and cutting between colour and black & white.

In order to give it that cinematic look we added bars, more slow motion and cinematic colour correction. We also used both of our Panasonic Lumix GH4 cameras and a mix of the stock 14-140mm and a prime 50mm lens, sometimes even using them both at the same time! (See below)

Southend BJJ, Southend BJJ Open, Southend BJJ Highlights, Southend BJJ Video, Southend Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, BJJ, Southend Videography, Essex Videography, Event Highlight Video, Event Video, Event Video Essex, Tunnel Shark Productions, GH4

Getting creative with our GH4s at Southend BJJ

And of course any BJJ or MMA related highlight video wouldn’t be complete without a bit of Drum and Bass, cheers to Artificial Intelligence for the song!

Now you know the ins and outs, have a look for yourself:


For more videos like this, check out our MMA video playlist.

If you need a highlight for your event, get in touch info@tunnelshark.com

Or for more information on our event videos, head over to our ‘Events’ page.

Video Advertising On Instagram!

So this is something still fairly new to the UK which is why it’s a good idea to jump on it now before your business’s competitors catch on!

As Instagram is owned by Facebook, you now have the ability to use Facebook’s ad manager to create a video advert for Instagram. If you’re partial to a quick scroll here and there (or every minute of everyday) then you’ve probably noticed a few sponsored ads within your Instagram feed. (see example below)


Here’s a few benefits on how video advertising on Instagram will benefit your business (source:https://datify.co.uk/the-benefits-of-advertising-on-instagram/)

1. The Early Adoptor Edge

We’re finding for our clients, that being an early adoptor of the Instagram advertising platform is giving them a real edge over their competitors. Remember when Facebook ads were new, or even further back when AdWords first launched? They were great times for those who got their first as CPC’s were lower due to a lack of competition, the audience was more likely to click as the ads were new and interesting, and users hadn’t developed ad fatigue that crept in later.

The same is currently true for Instragram advertising – making it the best social channel to be focussing your advertising efforts on if you’re the right kind of brand.

2. Lower CPC’s

Lower CPC’s are a definite benefit of Instagram advertising. We’re seeing Instagram ads that have lower CPC’s than AdWords (comfortably – think an average of £0.30 or $0.65 versus an average on Google of £0.65 + a lot of the time), than Facebook (averaging £0.35), Twitter (averaging £0.70) and LinkedIn (averaging £1.05).

When it comes to video views, Instagram also blows most out of the water with equivalent prices to Facebook at around £0.04 – £0.10 per video view on average.

3. High Conversion Rates

Conversion rates from Instagram ads look good – particularly when it comes to softer engagement on a site such as downloading a resource or signing up to view more content. In terms of driving purchases, early results are also good – but mainly where the product in question is particularly visual or engaging.

4. An Engaged Audience

The audience on Instagram is highly engaged, relevant, and able to be targeted really precisely. Instagram’s targeting is based off of Facebook’s targeting data which we’ve written about many times. That means you can use your custom audiences, interest based targeting, demographics and more to find your perfect audience on Instagram – and what’s better, they’ll be much more engaged than they currently are on Facebook.

5. But, Only If You Have The Right Brand

All of the above being said – Instagram advertising isn’t going to work for everyone. If it’s not for you, you probably already know as you are unlikely to have an Instagram account. Generally corproate B2B brands, and brands targeted at older generations are less likely to perform well. Instagram has 400 million users, but they’re focussed at the younger end of the spectrum. Remember that Instagram is highly visual as well – meaning that brands that look and feel good will always do best – think fashion, food, and music as great examples for instance.

But, if you want to reach a younger audience than usual, in a place where they’re still massively engaged and passionate, then Instagram advertising is definitely for you. With the benefits outlined above, it’s a no brainer to get started.


With that said, you still need someone to create your video. We have experience in producing memorable and engaging videos for any purpose and we also have the technical knowledge to create and Instagram ad that can adhere to the technical requirements. Here’s an example of a teaser video we made that was optimized for Instagram:

Instagram ad

For more info please feel free to email us:




Rank Higher on YouTube – Titles and Tags

youtube seo, video marketing, youtube optimization, youtube channel, video advertising

Ranking higher on YouTube is a sure step in improving your overall SEO. If you’ve invested in having a video to promote your company or raise brand awareness, then optimizing the video on YouTube is imperative.

Custom thumbnails are important and we covered that subject in a separate post (can read it here) but there are also a couple of simple steps to rank higher that you might not have considered before, here’s a quick overview:

1. Choose a solid keyword. 

Your keyword will allow YouTube to determine if your content is relevant, and they help your audience know what your video is about

2. Use your keyword in the title. 

In this example, we’ve gone for ‘Clacton Nursery’ and as you can see it’s the top video for that particular search term:Youtube SEO step 2

3. Write a video description.

You can subtly drop your keywords in the description, but don’t go over the top, feature a description with a link to perhaps your company website, like in this example:

YouTube SEO step 3

4. Add tags. 

Use approx. 10 tags for your video that can explain the category, location and content. To add tags to your video, click the little pencil underneath the video (Info and Settings) and the tagging box will be at the bottom. Here’s an example of a few tags for a Mixed Martial Arts event we filmed:

YouTube SEO step 4

YouTube SEO step 4

We’re always researching new ways to optimize videos so you can really get your money’s worth. We regularly offer YouTube Channel Management that includes everything from choosing the right title, to designing a custom thumbnail.

For more info or if you just want a chat, please feel free to email us:



The Importance of Custom Thumbnails!

In our last blog we discussed how to verify your YouTube account and here’s why… Custom Thumbnails on YouTube are extremely important in enticing people to watch your video and your account needs to be verified to do so.

Once we complete your video, chances are you’re going to want to promote it. Whether it’s a corporate, music, promo or event video a custom thumbnail is that last step in getting views to the video, but more importantly; making your audience aware that you exist!

We usually take a still from the video (and if you want to read all about that, click here.) and then we will use photoshop to design a suitable and ‘clickable’ thumbnail for YouTube. We consider the colours, fonts and branding as well as using correct dimensions that will enhance the appeal of the thumbnail.

To find out a bit more, here’s an article we saw that sums up the importance of custom thumbnails:

“YouTube’s standard is to automatically select a thumbnail for you from your video, while providing a choice of three automatically generated images for your thumbnail, including the selected one. These come from your video, and sometimes they may be exactly what you need. However they can also be blurry because they’re taken from a video, or not just what you want.

YoutubethumbnailcustomThat’s why it’s exciting that if your YouTube channel is verified you can upload a custom thumbnail and gain the benefits of this extra level of control over your branding and video marketing. If you’ve gone through this verification process, go into video manager, and select “Add custom thumbnail,” and you’ll be able to browse to select an image.

YouTube thumbnails are basically analogous to the cover of a book; it may be better not to judge a video by its thumbnail, but it’s inevitably going to affect traffic. You want your thumbnails to be clickable, and YouTube just made that possible for anyone who takes advantage.” (Read the full article here: https://www.minimatters.com/need-know-youtube-thumbnails/)

Have a look at some of these lovely thumbnails we designed:

the beatniks, beatniks, beatniks southend, tunnel shark productions, tunnel shark, video production essex, music videos, music video essex, essex music

essex property videos, essex property cetnre, essex estate agent video, property video essex, essex properties,

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We’re always trying to think of new ways to provide you (the client) with extra features that will drive more traffic to your video. If you like the sound of this, then get in touch!


Optimizing YouTube Channels – Verifying Your Account

We recognise how important it is to deliver and optimize your video once it’s finished as well as optimizing YouTube Channels in general. Obviously if you’ve enquired for a video, you have plans of where you want that video to end up! Most of the time you need it for promotional purposes and we regularly offer YouTube Channel Management if you’re a bit stuck on how to successfully get your video seen.

First of all, if you don’t have a channel – it’s not an issue. As long as you have a Gmail account and login, we can do the rest. We’ll create your channel that includes channel art, titles and descriptions to save you the hassle.

Once this is done, the account will need to be verified in order to have the option to upload custom thumbnails. This is really easy to do, all you’ll need is your account login, and a phone! Here’s a step by step guide on how to verify your YouTube account:

1. Once you’re logged into your account, head to https://www.youtube.com/verify

2. Select your country and a preferred method of accessing the verification code (phone-call or text)

Verify Youtube account step 2

3. Enter your phone number

Verify Youtube account step 3

4. Enter the 6 digit verification code that you received from the phone-call or text

Verify Youtube account step 4

5. You’re done!

Verify Youtube account step 5

If you need a video produced and are looking to have it optimized on YouTube, please get in touch:


Creating a YouTube Advert – Video Marketing

trueview, trueview ads, youtube advertising, ppc video, youtube ads, pay per click video, video marketing, tunnel shark productions

If you run your own business you are probably well versed in the importance of marketing, or more specifically video marketing, or even more specifically Pay Per Click Video Marketing (also known as TrueView ads) but the vital thing you might be missing, is someone to make the video! This is where we swoop in…

To give a brief understanding of what TrueView ads are (or Youtube ads or PPC videos or whatever you want to call them) we’ve nicked a quick overview from the almighty Google itself:

“TrueView video ads are an exciting and interactive way to engage your customers on YouTube and across the web. You can create and manage your TrueView campaigns right in Google AdWords, and have control over where your TrueView ads show up, when they run, and who sees them.

The beauty of TrueView ads is you pay when a viewer watches 30 seconds of your video (or the duration if it’s shorter than 30 seconds) or engages in other video interactions, such as clicks on the call-to-action overlays (CTAs), cards, and companion banners. A “Skip ad” button lets viewers opt out of watching the video.

Advertising with TrueView provides these added benefits:

  • Tell your story. You’re the expert of your business, so share your expertise with the world. Be personal. Put the camera on yourself and explain how your product or service can benefit your audience. Show them why they should care about your product or brand.
  • Reach just the right audience. Every month, more than 1 billion people visit YouTube and watch over 6 billion hours of YouTube videos. Reach your customers on YouTube by topics, keywords, or demographics like “women under 35.”
  • Create a video campaign in only a few minutes. Create your account, create or upload your video ad, reach your audience, and you’re on your way to telling your story to the world.
  • Measure your success. Figure out if you’re reaching the right audience. Check your AdWords account to track views, costs, and budget details. Visit the “Analytics” tab in your YouTube account to learn more about your viewers. For example, you can tell which videos your customers are watching and for how long.”

(Read the full article here: https://support.google.com/adwords/answer/2375497?hl=en)

There’s no doubt that TrueView ads are an effective way to reach customers and track your progress. Online video marketing is increasingly becoming more and more popular but if you don’t use your video to it’s fullest potential then you’re wasting your money.

If you’re a bit savvy in the marketing world but don’t know the first thing about video production, then get in touch and we’ll discuss a concept for your TrueView ad!




Shooting 4K Video For Still Photos

Southend, Band, Music Video, music video production, The Scarletts, Tunnel Shark Productions

So this isn’t necessarily something new we’ve started doing. We regularly offer the opportunity for clients to have a collection of stills taken from the video we produce for them. However we came across this interesting article on the benefits of shooting 4K video for still photographs that pretty much sums up why we chose the GH4 as our main camera. Have a read:

“The arrival of 4K video means that an increasing number of devices are effectively capturing prolonged bursts of 8MP images at fast frame rates, increasing the likelihood of capturing ‘the moment.’

Using a video feed to capture stills isn’t a new idea – Nikon’s first electronic camera, the QV-1000C, did it in the late 1980s – but the resolution of 4K makes it more useful. Panasonic has recognized this way of working and has introduced 4K Photo mode to its 4K cameras, to make things easier for the user.

Panasonics such as the GH4, LX100 and G7 – along with some of their rivals – already make it possible to grab stills from their existing video, but the 4K Photo mode offers some additional tools to make the experience easier.

What’s it good for?

The obvious use of 4K Photo mode is the ability to capture fast-moving subjects. The camera is happy to use fast shutter speeds and will do its best to stay in focus – meaning you effectively have a 25 or 30 frame-per-second continuous shooting mode (Users with PAL-region cameras will have good reason to feel aggrieved at being restricted to 25fps when NTSC users are getting 30fps from the same hardware).

It can also act as something of a safety net if you’re trying a type of shooting, such as panning, that you’re not too experienced with.”

(Taken from dpreview.com, read the full article here)

Here’s a few of our own examples of some lovely stills, exported from the original videos:

Southend, Band, Music Video, music video production, The Scarletts, Tunnel Shark Productions

Southend, Band, Music Video, music video production, The Scarletts, Tunnel Shark Productions

Southend, Band, Music Video, music video production, The Scarletts, Tunnel Shark Productions

Southend, Band, Music Video, music video production, The Scarletts, Tunnel Shark Productions

Southend, Band, Music Video, music video production, The Scarletts, Tunnel Shark Productions

These were all taken from the video below; ‘Carousel’ by The Scarletts. Shot on a GH4 at 24/96fps, shutter speed 50/100.

the beatniks, beatniks, music video southend, tunnel shark, tunnel shark productions

the beatniks, beatniks, music video southend, tunnel shark, tunnel shark productions

the beatniks, beatniks, music video southend, tunnel shark, tunnel shark productions

Tony and Andy

SEANTaken from the video ‘Ball & Chain’ by The Beatniks. Shot on GH4 and GoPro Hero 3+, shutter speed 50/100.

clacton nursery promo, promo video essex, essex promo video, clacton promo, chestnut grove promo video, chestnut grove video, clacton nursery videoTaken from ‘Chestnut Grove Kindergarten‘ promo.



Taken from ‘Wham Bam’ by The Beatniks.


The Beach House – Property Video Essex

essex property videos, essex property cetnre, essex estate agent video, property video essex, essex properties,

So we’ve ventured into the world of property videos and we’re pleased to release our first one!

Property tour videos are extremely important in the current market. Not only do they provide an in depth walk-around of the property you are selling or buying, but they also help with that all important SEO too.

Equipment and set-up is vital when planning for a property tour video. We invested in a brand new stabiliser (Beholder MS-1) and a fish eye lens (Samyang T3.8 Cine Lens) to enhance the size of the property as well as keeping the shots smooth and stable whilst walking through.

After doing our research it became apparent that although property videos were common in the US market, they were also becoming increasingly popular for estate agents in the UK. That said, however, we struggled to find property tour videos that were engaging. A common theme was the lack of post production; we saw plenty of grand properties, plenty of nice camerawork but not much in the way of editing.

Post production in this instance is a crucial step in creating an engaging property tour video. Colour grading is such a simple but effective way to give a property that extra touch, you can enhance certain features of the property by just giving some time to get the colours right (e.g in the video below, look how green that grass is!) Another feature to consider is adding line callouts. These are animated sections of text that are tracked to the video so they move with the camera movement. These are really important for property tour videos especially, as they can explain and advertise the main features of the property. As well as these simple touches, the easiest part in creating an engaging property tour video is simply by having an appealing song and cutting to the beat (almost like a music video!) You might not be consciously aware whilst watching it, but it’s that subtle difference that makes it a cut above the rest.

Turnover is critical in the property industry especially if you’re selling more high-end properties, we understand the importance of getting the videos out there as soon as possible. We filmed and edited this property video within 2 days, so check it out 🙂

If you’re interested in having a property video, or just want to find out more, don’t hesitate to contact us:

01268 206107 | info@tunnelshark.com